Beautiful things start happening when you start becoming accountable, and responsible and here’s what I learned along the way. 


  1. Here's some sobering personal responsibility: I am the source of the "problem"!  And the only person holding me back is myself!!
  2. I am walking, talking energy and vibration in human form and that I am in constant collaboration with an invisible force that wants me to thrive!
  3. Every moment of the day, all of the thoughts and feelings I have are influencing my reality. And... I can change my current situation just by changing my thoughts and feelings! 
  4. I am powerful beyond my wildest dreams. The solution lies inside of me and not outside as I once thought.
  5. By creating my own inner peace not only serve myself but I also serve humanity in the process because everyone and everything that I encounter is responding to me.  





We get to choose every thought we have and then from there we get to pull into our reality whatever we want!!!

YES!!! that’s right.

I don’t know about you but I think I am ‘all that’. Do you know how I know this? Because I know that I am an extension of ‘all that is’ (which happens to be truth, love and light BTW) . And I toot my own horn with extreme humility people because I just happen to know the stuff we are made of! So yeah, I am the complete and total package! And guess what, so are YOU!!!! Wouldn’t you like the confidence to be able to say that and really MEAN IT? To be able to feel it all the way through? 


It is our birthright to be so, I kid you not.