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I am just like you. Trying to figure out this crazy thing called life. And I get it. It can feel painstakingly shitty sometimes. 

Look, I know what it’s like to be so uncomfortable in your own skin, to feel so sick and tired, to feel lost, to feel so low, to feel beaten down by life, to feel hopeless and to not even like yourself, I get it, I really do, and you’re not alone. 

We all have this deeper level of existence that we close off to the world many of us silently suffering inside but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

The whole point of this website is to showcase my journey with you in the hopes that you may think to yourself "Crap, her story sounds rough, but if she can do it, maybe I can too." I mean aren't we all this together?! I like to think so.

From countless failed relationships, to intensely strained family dynamics, to serious illnesses, to my estranged mother dying without a chance to say goodbye, to being brought up mega wealthy ironically without having any sense of 'worth", to finding my humanity by working with the homeless, to glossing countless of publications with a killer body and still feeling depressed, to thinking about ending my life, to having a raging temper in the past, to thinking I had to lie and manipulate people to get what I wanted, to being on countless prescriptions to 'fix' me, PHEW, can I stop now?!  I think you get the idea now. So I am serious when I say, I GET IT!!

I am exhausted just getting all of that 'stuff' off my chest but the whole point of that is to remind you that wherever you are in life, it's OK. YOU are ok and that no matter what, you are lovable and you are worthy of everything. And that, my friends, is TRUTH as I am currently figuring out.

My hope is that by being completely open with you, I can make it OK for you to do the same. I certainly wasn't shown the power of vulnerability as a young girl but now I understand how it can set you free.





Yesterday I was clever so i wanted to change the world. today i am wise so i am changing myself.



So how am I going about all of this 'wake up' business? Ha! I am so glad you asked!

The wheels of change in my life were already turning before my health diagnoses, and the catalyst in my life was what I got diagnosed with AND the decision I made on how I was going to heal myself. Little did I know at the time that 3 beautiful diseases: EPSTEIN BARR VIRUS, MERCURY POISONING, & HASHIMOTOS THYROIDITIS would literally help wake me up, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

SERIOUSLY. This was huge for me because intuitively I knew that food alone would not be able to heal me. That being said, understanding my BODY TYPE metabolism has been huge for me as I knew exactly which foods would accelerate my healing but I knew that food was only an intricate part of my healing journey. Turns out I had been stifling important feelings my whole life that kept me from the very kind of Francesca I wanted to be. A Francesca with vibrant health, a peaceful nature and a joyous life. I believe that those repressed feelings were my biggest 'wake up' call yet.

A deep part of myself knew that if I was going to truly heal, I had to turn to the parts of myself that I had never really explored. The mind and the spirit. Particularly since I had learned recently that we are only 2% matter and 98% vibration. Ok, what does that mean? Our thoughts and feelings are vibration (energy) SO if I am 98% vibration and don't address the role of feelings and thoughts in my recovery, I just think that's cray cray people! For me, it made complete sense that healing myself energetically was an absolute necessity. After connecting with the knowledge that I, too, am UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE, my greatest self-potential began to seem limitless. So in came the teachers when I needed them. Since April, I have been working with a world-renowned energy healer, spiritual teachers, reiki masters, shamans, astrologers, and have been engaging in biofeedback therapy. That 98% energy vibration stuff that I have talking about? Well, the shit has hit the fan as it were in terms of what emotional and mental ’stuff’ has come up and as hard as it has been sometimes to face the dragons (ok, so it's been mind blowing hard!), I am eternally grateful for, shall we say, the kinda awkward introduction to myself.  Truth is I had never really known myself so this all feels strange in a way but incredibly freeing. I mean how the hell can I heal myself if I don't even know myself, right?

While I am still on my healing journey and still figuring things out, I already have loads more energy (more than I have in years), better sleep (we're talking coma like sleep), better body confidence, improved sex drive, more self love, better cognitive functioning, better mood, more joy and love of life. I am finding the courage to speak my truth, truly forgive those that have hurt me as well as forgiving myself. I am learning how to listen to my body and that innate intuition that we all have and to set boundaries with those I love and create more harmonious, deeper and more loving relations with those closest to me. So you see, things have shifted for me dramatically and all because I chose to take that leap of faith into deeply knowing myself and into believing that I am part of a universal life force.


We have got this, my beauties.

Loving you all like crazy,

Francesca xxxxx





Some of the truths I have uncovered so far are in my “Wake Up” Journey Program where you will not only lose weight and feel better but you’ll start getting to know the divine and magical human being that you are.


Our ideal lives may be on the other side of knowledge that we never would have considered. 

And that is where all of the magic happens!


So let me share with you the very concepts that got the 'ball rolling' in my life. What I've put together for you in this guide are the very first paradigms busters that helped get me start viewing my life AND myself in a very different way than I had ever been taught.  

And since then, countless knowledge and information has been imparted to me and there is no turning back for me now, my friends. 

Maybe this information will take you down a road YOU never would have imagined. That's what happened to me. Enjoy.

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If you're ready, then let's get started. I'M HERE TO HELP YOU...

Feel it.

Heal it.

And wake up.