The FULL Heal, Body & Spirit

So how DOES life feel on the lighter side?

I am not even sure there are adequate words to describe the sensation of falling into ones most purest sense of self. The real self. But one word does come to mind:


And I am not just talking about being lighter when it comes to being free of the toxic implants that served as a literal barrier blocking my heart and love centre for 21 years, I am also talking about being lighter from other kinds of toxins. The toxins that many of us don’t put our focus on when it comes to healing: OUR EMOTIONS AND OUR THOUGHTS. 

It’s been in the last 4 years that I have been lead down a path of knowledge that is ultimately changing the way I view health and our own personal power to achieve it. Prior to this I struggled like most of us do when it comes to understanding “why me?’ and “how do I get better?” And for years, I thought my ‘Holy Grail’ to healing must be a supplement or a diet approach that I just hadn’t tried yet which is ironic because health, wellness and fitness was my life and it was (is) my career. I helped people change their bodies and their lives yet I couldn’t change my own. Not in the way I wanted to anyway.  Every view and hope that I had for myself to feel better was solely based on viewing myself only as physical and I was missing THE major piece of the puzzle. The KEY ingredient to my healing and the healing for ALL of us.    

My breast implant surgery was 21 years ago and shorty thereafter my body started to shut down. The physical toxins I had implanted close to my heart were already starting to take their hold over my health and back then life felt hard anyway. Everyday was a constant struggle to fend off what I call the ‘silent screams of the heart’. I carried with me a deep ache most days in whatever I did and with whatever I thought. Life was tinted with grey, I felt like I was drowning and I didn’t understand why. I had no idea in 1997 that the emotional toxins I had been carrying since childhood paired with the toxic implants I had just taken into my body were the perfect ingredients for a health disaster. 

The poisons we face on a daily basis are NOT just the environmental toxins that we are exposed to on a minute to minute basis by about everything we come into contact with such as food, medicine and the mainstream ideologies dripping with negativity, limitation and non truths, it is ALSO the emotions, feelings and the stories behind them that we experience on a moment to moment basis that are breaking us down too. If we are feeling an emotion, an old story surfaces and that old story lives deep inside of us. Either we face it, acknowledge and set it free from our minds, hearts and bodies, or we carry it in our cells and organs and wait for them to slowly eat away at our health and our quest for happiness. 

You see, my beautiful ones, our health is completely dependent on unburdening ourselves of EVERY kind of toxin, the physical (environmental) AND emotional (spiritual). Given that our bodies are over 99% energy, ignoring the emotional and energetic component of our healing overlooks the very essential and vital key to our best health. Addressing the only 1% of us that is physical seems like lunacy, right? I share all of this because I don’t want all of you to make the same mistake I did. 

Every emotional experience from birth buries itself in our cells, our organs, our everything. And it’s not just this lifetime of wounding that plays a part in our DNA and tendencies for disease, it is our ancestral history that we must consider too. Hate, anger, greed, resentment, jealousy, grief, loneliness, hopelessness, sadness etc orchestrate and influence our DNA in a major way. 

Please don’t make the same mistake I did into thinking that your best health lies only in addressing the 1% of you that is physical. I spent countless years going in circles wondering why I wasn’t make any strides in my health. I spent about a decade feeling frustrated and angry with my body thinking that it was incapable and weak, when in reality I hadn’t yet learned that I was denying my body the perspective, insight and compassion it so desperately deserved and needed to get well. 

This is not just my knowledge. This is the NEW paradigm for health. It is emerging slowly, thank God, into mainstream. There are countless resources to dig deeper into the knowledge of Epigenetics and Quantum Energy Healing. 

I share the post in the hopes to inspire any of you who have this gnawing feeling that you’re missing something when it comes to achieving your best health and you feel ready to go deeper to explore the many layers and components of health. 

You’re on the right path if you’re questioning. Keep searching. Set the intention to receive any and all information that will set you free health wise and I promise you that all of the right healers will come to you just as they have for me. Pay attention. They may be standing right next to you in the store where you you are buying your skinny no foam latte. Talk to people. Have conversations with any body and every body. Put yourself out there and the Spirit will do the rest. Go into action and what and who you need will present itself to you. 

So what thoughts come to mind now that I am lighter from both physical AND emotional toxins? 

Freedom. Empowerment. Full potential to heal. Clarity. Joy. Confidence. Worthiness. Hope. The Power to Manifest. Creation.

AND LOVE of self. 

I AM this powerful and so are YOU. 

Francesca Pardini