Prayer For Truth & Change...


I am ready to understand why I am here.

I am ready for new answers and I am ready to let go of how I think things should be.

I am ready for freedom.

I am ready to have my heart lead the way.

I am ready to meet my soul.

I am ready for rebirth and for a new way of being.

I am open to all possibilities and I let go of all past attachments.

I am ready to embrace life fully.

I am ready to shine and love myself like the bright light that I am.

I am open to love in all forms and I am ready to receive goodness and abundance in all forms.

I let go of any past energies that may be holding me back.

I am ready to fully forgive others and to let go of self judgment and the judgment of others.

I am ready to be reborn. 

I am ready to BE LOVE.

Show me the way. Show me where I need to go. 

I am ready. I am ready. I am ready. And so it is. 

Francesca Pardini