You are unfolding beautifully...


Intuitively, I knew that last year wouldn't be, shall we say, a stellar year. Not that it didn’t have triumphs because it did. But with my health the way it was, I was in for the ride of my life. Here is the thing about health, when you don't have it, it affects absolutely everything in your life particularly the ability to manifest all of your desires. When my body is suffering, wow, look out, the mind follows, or is it the other way around. Let’s just say it’s all interconnected and rolled up into a lovely ball of messy and beautiful beingness. For anyone who has had a challenging time health wise last year, and in any other way for that matter, I am here to tell you that YOU WILL get through. You are exactly where you need to be and if you trust in the place of illness or strife as the best opportunity you have to grow and truly understand yourself, I promise you, great things are on their way to you. Let the illness and whatever troubles you have be your guides, your wake up calls, your fucking sign posts on the path of life. YOU CAN DO THIS. If I can, you can. Let every pain and crappy emotion be your teacher, let it open you up to things you never knew about yourself. Let every uncomfortable moment drown you temporarily so you can learn how to swim. It’s only by going down that we can rise up. Open yourself up to a way of being that you never would have imagined for yourself. I promise you that the side of you that you don't know and that feels icky getting to know is the side of you that will save your life. Dig deep. Deeper than you have ever gone. Even if it feels like you're blindfolded, keep taking each step forward in the dark, it will eventually lead to lightness. Keep trudging, keep cringing, keep discovering and uncovering. Keep crying, keep falling on your knees, it’s ok. Keep exploring. Keep on keeping on the story that is you. You’ll want to give up. That is normal. You’ll want to hate yourself, please, please don’t. I promise you you’re exactly where you need to be. It’s ok, give yourself a break. You are so worthy despite any thought otherwise. You were not born with lack and inadequacy. You were born with a rich fullness of love and all of that other stuff you're thinking is bullshit. But it’s ok. Don’t hate the bullshit just get to know it so you can learn to move past it. You are the most beautiful creature on the planet, there is no other YOU! Please, for the love of God, find things to love about yourself for if you don't, you deny yourself the deepest reason for being here on earth. Keep falling to keep getting up. Keep cursing the heavens if you have to. Keep sobbing, keep doing anything to release the dark parts of yourself. Because when you do, you'll discover that you are and always were the loving light that’s meant to shine. Don’t you dare give up on yourself, you beautiful and worthy,being. You’ve got this. 


Francesca Pardini