Take Your Power Back...

Take Your Power Back...

Said the Archangel Oracle card said a few days ago. In November 2017, I started a very intimate relationship with angles. Until last year, I hadn't given much thought to these incredible angelic entities, but I felt drawn to them during the darkest hours of my healing. The very rough and rocky road that came with all of the emotional energy release work I had been doing had temporarily left me feeling so desperate and so lonely that I started turning to the divine for help. A deep part of me new that in order for me to keep growing personally and spiritually, I had to cross over to that invisible side of faith and understanding. And now that I am a few months into my relationship with these beautiful angles. I don't know how I managed without them all of these years. I am still building trust and faith in them which is becoming easier and easier to have particularly after this week…

On February 14th, I drew a card from my oracle deck as I do each morning and it said “Take Your Power Back.” I usually ask the angles what I need to know for that day and then other days I will ask specific questions and draw three cards for guidance for the answers I am seeking. But this particular day, I drew just the one card. It’s funny because when I got the “Take your power back” card that day, I didn't really quite connect with that message until a few days later. The angels knew before I did what I needed to do. They are pretty brilliant that way…

Interestingly, that same Valentine's Day, I came to a major life decision. I was going to leave Charleston, SC on May 4th, to start what I like to call, my very own “Wake Up Walk About" with the hopes of making it to California to live. Although, I have to say, that is completely wide open because what I am learning is that the universe may just have other plans for me. I mean I could get to South Dakota and think, “Wow, this is the place for me!", and end up staying. Even though you and I know that is very unlikely ;)

It’s hard to describe the very deep drive I have to leave all things familiar, to risk it all, to not even know where I am going to land. BUT I HAVE TO DO THIS. I have to share my ‘wake up’ healing journey with whoever is willing to listen. I feel like something greater than myself is pushing me down this path so that I can be of service to a world that in so many ways is falling apart. Please understand that I do not have it all figured out, but what I do know is what has helped me heal physically, mentally, and spiritually. So much so that I have reversed symptoms of some very serious illnesses without the conventional mainstream approach. But perhaps more importantly, I have cultivated the kind of inner peace that comes from tapping into my own personal healing power, connecting to my God Source, and creating a stronger sense of self and understanding of life.

So back to the ‘Take Back Your Power Card’…. So even with all of the excitement that comes with making a major life decision like this, I felt paralyzed with fear over telling one particular family member and it became increasingly apparent one morning when just the thought of it was making me physically sick. My throat felt tight, and my stomach felt queasy. Not to mention my meditation practice had been incredibly disconnected that week and I was unable to tap into that “God Source” place. That place of complete peace and love. Damn. And my shoulder, yes, my shoulder. The left side. The feminine side of the body and the area tied into female authority figures. It had been uncomfortable but had become increasingly more sore and stiff that week. And finally, my desire to connect deeply with all humans for a few days had wavered. I wasn't feeling IT like I usually do.  Soemthing was up. “Ahhhhhh, the card. "I need to take my power back”, I thought. So I knew I had to make the call. I knew what I needed to do, I was just sacred out of my mind to do it. I had been giving my power away by not standing in my truth and owning my own path terrified of judgment that could or could not be waiting for me but it was time to let that go.

Why was I so scared anyway? Why was I giving my power away like this? Was this more a reflection on myself? Did I ultimately have to give myself permission to do this? Was I that scared to do this that I had to give MYSELF permission for this choice? Was I scared of any negative consequence that would come from this personal powerful choice I was making? ABSOLUTELY. But the drive to do what I am doing took over, thank God, and I told her and FINALLY gave myself the green light to follow my dreams. It turns out, I didn't get shut out and things felt okay. I think deep down I knew it would be alright and she'll never know how much I love her for that. 

So I took my power back. And wouldn't you know it, that afternoon my allergies flared up like they hadn't in months, and allergies, according to Louise Hay and other SPIRITUAL healers, associate allergies with not standing in your own power, to giving your power away. Literally allowing ourselves to be allergic to that someone that we are giving our power to. I mean wow, right. I felt shitty that afternoon and all night. The allergies knocked me out and I felt completely drained as all of that self created fear and anxiety was leaving my body. I had been holding on to that for a while and I was finally letting go. As crappy as it felt, my body was releasing and I was so damn proud of it. And wouldn't you know it, that night I slept better than I had in weeks. The next morning my “God Source” place returned to me during my meditation and my shoulder felt less sore. Oh yes, and my desire to connect with and love all humans was back and I resumed to my being my inquisitive and friendly self. All of this just by stepping back into my power. Really.

So, other than my big news, my big takeaway with you is this:

Our bodies encapsulate every negative feeling we have and break us down: sleep, mood, health, everything. And the more we are disconnected from those heavy and uncomfortable feelings, the more we deny our bodies the best health possible. 

Our lives are being divinely guided whether we realize it or not. When we wake up to divine guidance, we open ourselves up to our intuition, to a greater understanding of life, our role in it and how we are connected to everything. 

Turning our lives over to divine guidance, helps us live in a state of surrender. When our ego’s let go of the need for control, we can unleash the true unfolding of our lives. 


Standing in our own truth is the ultimate gift of personal freedom, power and authenticity and it aligns us with our souls purpose. 

If we can't connect to our “God Source”, it’s harder to act Godly towards ourselves and towards each another. I am pretty sure the world needs more of that.

You see, I am still learning too, and I imagine I always will.

Francesca Pardini