Give to the Light (Dare Alle Luce)...

“Dare alla Luce” is the phrase that the Italians use for ‘giving birth’.

Its literal English translation is “to give to the light”. This blows me away. On every level. “GIVE TO THE LIGHT” I mean wow, right? So according to the Italians giving birth is surrendering yourself over to the light.

Beautiful. As if I needed another reason to love the Italian culture.

So ‘ awakening’ is what I have become slightly obsessed with for over the last 12 months but truth be told, I began to get really really curious about this light, this other side to existence, a few years ago right my mother died in 2015.

OK, so I might be more than a little obsessed with this whole finding my light business. It actually feels like a full time job that I didn’t even apply for. It’s as if someone or something showed up and said:

‘Right, here you go, I know you didn’t apply for this position but this is your new role now. You kinda need to do this because no one can do the specific role of awakening Francesca Maria Pardini other than, well, the actual Francesca Maria Pardini. Got it? And by the way, this is going to be the hardest thing you will ever do. It will feel grueling at times and you will want to quit. You will want to run so far from the pain that is coming but don’t. Just don’t do it. I can’t give you a reason that will make sense to you right now so I am asking you to trust me. Got it?

You need to find the light that resides in you. You have been walking in darkness and shadows and that is why life has felt so hard. It doesn’t need to feel this way. You are love but you don’t know that yet. You must discover that part of yourself if your life is to ever feel good to you. All you know is what people, society and mainstream want you to believe but that is not the pathway to peace. There is something far greater out there that you need to know.

There will be times when you question your whole reality (which is a good thing by the way) and there will be times when you will be curled up on the floor like a heap of laundry sobbing to death and contemplating how on earth a human can produce so many tears and so much snot simultaneously, BUT. JUST. KEEP. GOING. You’re going to face so much of yourself that you don’t like and those illusions have served have temporary blocks to your light. They are not real so keep going. If you do, your life will open in a way that will feel like you actually never lived properly before. You and so many others like you have veered so off course from your own truth that you are suffering needlessly. Do the work. It’s worth it. Wake up to the LIGHT you were born with again”

So I have been since the awakening date of last year. And yes, I chose that date on purpose. So why share all of this with you? Because you and I are the same. I don’t care who you are, where you are from or what you believe in, we are EXACTLY the same. REALLY. Sure, our stories are different, but that’s it.


In case we haven’t met, I am Francesca Maria Pardini and I have succumbed to the 3 greatest afflictions known to human kind.

  1. Lack of Self-Worth (I am so inadequate, I can’t stand it, in fact, I kinda loathe myself)

2. Fear (of just about everything and when we fear we judge too)

3. Lack of Self-Love (I totally don’t deserve a good life, I am nothing special)

For over 15 years, I hepled people lose weight and develop an understanding of their bodies and metabolisms using something pretty incredible called, Body Typing”. For years, my sole focus was the physical part of ourlselves. Don’t get me wrong folks, focusing on the physical is a wonderful thing but for me it was my only focus and everything else in my life was falling apart. My health, my energy, my thoughts, my emotions and my relationships were hanging from me like weak threads ready to break at any time and nothing in my life was resembling any sort of peace. What I have learned is that the further we are away from our own light and truth, the more collateral damage we create in our lives. Whether its choices about love, weight, health, money or career, the less we love and know ourselves, the harder it is to make the decisions that will promote our best lives and our best health. It's like trying to get somewhere with a broken compass. If you’re not REALLY aligned with the North, South, East and West part of yourself, you will feel lost pretty much all of the time. And the decisions you make about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING will take you further and further away from true happiness. You can’t get to where you want to go with a faulty compass. This I know.

Thankfully certain life events have showed up for me that have been taking me on a journey that transcends way beyond the physical and in the process, life is opening up in wonderful and unexpected ways.

I had heard alot about this GOD character growing up and they attempted to deliver it to me in the form of Catholicism as a little girl but it never stuck. I squirmed in my seat at Sunday school saying to myself, this isn’t God to me. And I guess without realizing it from that day forward I have been searching to find a meaning of GOD that made sense to me. Or rather, make sense of myself and my life through an undersatnding that I was part of something greater not really understanding what that ‘greater thing’ could be.

GOD is such loaded word which is probably why there are so many names for it. Source, Spirit, Supreme Being, The Universe, All That Is, Consciousness. It means so many different things to different people and I believe that there are many pathways to God one way not necessarliy being the ONLY way. And God. It’s in our cells. It is part of who we are. We are walking and talking vehicles of it. It’s the light within us and denying that part of ourselves is like only acknowledging one of our limbs. It’s really all about finding that thing that is going to bring you peace and that comes in many forms. And as I awkwardly stumble forward, I find that an awareness of this GOD energy and a relationship to it and a feeling of oneness with it is clearing away the cobwebs of the 3 afflictions that have plagued me my whole life.

So here’s what happens when you make the intentional and conscious choice of wanting a different life for yourself: All of the right teachers and situations show up for you and everything that you thought you knew crumbles down right in front of you. This whole crumbling thing sounds pretty depressing, right? The beauty being though that when things fall part, you can slowly rebuild. And when YOU get to intentionally decide how life is going to look and feel, you get to rebuild your life in ANY way that you want. Now THAT is something worth signing up for.

So 12 months later, having given up most of my possessions, I have travelled both in destination and in spirit to transform my views on life to find my own light. And while I am still on the path, I am beginning to taste peace, freedom and love for the first time.

Call me an idealist, call me a dreamer, but if we all just stepped a little closer to the light, maybe the world would look radically different.

For those of you who want to follow me, this is my journey.

Francesca Pardini