Lean into it...


“However you have landed, just BE with that.”

Isn't that the truth. Thank you Joe, my wonderful yoga teacher of the day, for the reminder that if we just be and accept our current situation, we will find that it serves us in ways that we are not able to comprehend at that moment. And that by just being, we are allowing what is meant to be, to be. Surrender in its purest form. To make due and go with whatever circumstance arises. Finding comfort in the discomfort of not knowing.

Welcome to the last 2 1/2 years of my life. of which the whole world will be able to relate to on some level because at the end of the day, we are ALL wounded and living life in response to the challenges we are given. but how are we in fact responding.? Are we leaning into the challenges and learning and growing from what is? Or are we fighting the position we have landed in? Is that “place we’ve landed” giving us that push we so desperately need to wake up to ourselves and our deepest sense of purpose and connection to humanity, or is that challenge like the piercing light that comes on in the darkest hours of night temporarily blinding us making it seem impossible to see, to walk, to make sense of ourselves and our surroundings. 

I choose to lean in to what comes and to learn from what comes. And yesterday on the eve of the Pisces moon, I took my humble home practices of yoga and meditation and intentionally invited others into my journey. The long, solitary and purposeful road of healing coming to an end only after realizing that my next phase of healing will only flourish with the influence of others. 

And with my new career ‘bliss’ just about to be launched into the world, I allow myself once again to lean into whatever may come, into the most vulnerable place of all, the unknown. The potential place of suffering and scrutiny and judgment by self and others. But what I have found by opening up the heart and by being fully exposed is that there is no other way of being that provides freedom like this does. 

So it is with the grandest gesture to all of the powers that be that I vow to keep leaning into whatever comes with my heart exposed and with my truest self cast out into the world, for THIS is how truly living feels to me.

Francesca Pardini