Find Your Light...

One of the most humbling experiences I have ever had is participating in the accountability and the responsibility game. 


It’s a barrel of laughs let me tell you and as much fun as trying to clean your bathroom toilet.

You get to turn your life upside down on itself only to come to terms with the fact that you're the common demoninator to everything that just doesn't feel good in your life. You know like the time you tried to fit into those size 6 Jimmy Choo’s but you're really a 7 but you'd do anything to life live with THAT particular label. Yeah, a label, of which we have many. So many of us holding on to impossible standards that get manufactured by a main stream culture who's main objective is to sell. To sell to us even if that means selling us the idea that we just aren't good enough just as we are. Because that is indeed what they're selling: Incompleteness and unworthiness. The thing is, that intangible “THING” or quality of life that we are all seeking lies so close to us, it couldn't be any closer, in fact, it’s right smack in front of us. It is an ideology that can only be self constructed from the core belief that we are worthy and that we come from a place so beautiful and so powerful that how can we be anything but. Define it as anything you want, God, Creator, Source, Universe, it is that imperceivable spirit that we all come from and and that we are all connected to…. a force so powerful that our little ego minds cannot even begin to comprehend its greatness. The unseen scope of possibility that lies in each and every one of us. An energy so powerful that it can only be truly experienced when we are ready to do that one thing that society discourages us to do: trust in the unseen and trust in ourselves. It requires stillness, it requires questioning, and it requires faith. And it is the thing that sets us free…..

Francesca Pardini