Morning reflection…


It’s so easy to wake up, turn on the control switch, and say to ourselves, “Right, today I am going to solve all the world’s problems!“ We try to work everything out in our heads thinking that is the name of the game. 


The world is in our head or so it seems,

so we try and try and try until we scream.


Take those old stories out of your head,

create new ones my dear friends or else they will spread.


We get up everyday with old stories bound, 

our egos in tact like a scavenging hound.


Let go, let go, the Universe says, 

you've got dreams to fulfill that lay in your head.


It’s all going to happen just get out of your way,

everything that you want is already here clear as day.


Feel it, believe it, don't ever give up,

Don’t stifle your light in a bottle or cup.


Feel the flow, you are the flow,

Just let yourself go.


And look up to the sky and connect with what is,

because my darling you are that magnificent entity of bliss.

Francesca Pardini