We Only Know What We Know...


What do you believe and WHY?

The reason why I chose a wake up theme for this part of my journey is because of something a wise human said to me years ago:

‘We only know what we know.’

Such a simple point and yet it is quite profound.

We only know what we know until we learn something new. And this ‘new’ information could be the very thing we need to become who we were always meant to be.

Here’s how I see it:

From the moment we are born, we are brought into an almost cultural trance on how to think, on how to be and on what to do. It’s all innocent enough, our parents pass on what they know and they do their best but they only impart what THEY know. Then religion may step in, then society and when I say society I mean every aspect of it from social values and norms, to health, to politics, and to any industry whose main agenda is to sell us an idea. Many of us conform and believe what we’ve been told because that is expected of us but the truth is there is more. SO MUCH MORE.

Often times when our personal paradigms are challenged or tested, we have the potential to truly know ourselves and to live our lives in the way we are truly meant to.

So today I ask you:

Why do you believe in what you do? 

Does it come from a deep sense of knowing or does it come from a source of knowledge that may not have your best interest at heart?

What do you believe about your body? How it’s supposed to feel and heal and what to feed it? And why do you believe it?

What do you believe about your mind? How it’s supposed to think and its capacity to create our lives?

What do you believe about yourself as an energetic being or spirit? How does your humanness affect your daily life and does the knowledge of your spirit & energy play a part in your life?

So based on your answers, ARE YOUR BELIEFS truly serving you? Look around at your life. Are you in good health? Are you thriving? Are your interpersonal relationships peaceful? Do you find joy in your everyday life?

If you’ve answered in a way that is less than ideal, you’ve got a real opportunity here.

It may be time to WAKE UP to another way of thinking, being and doing. Because your best life might be on the other side of what you already think you know.

Francesca Pardini