Static Is A Bitch...

Static is a bitch. No, I am not talking about the static that comes when you’re trying to tune in to a radio station (although that, too, is a real pain in the neck, by the way), I am talking about emotional static. Yeah, that bullshit story and train of thought that weighs you down in every sense of the word and prevents you from tuning in to all that is possible. And just what is possible, you ask? Quite frankly, anything we want. Really. 


A major life changing period for me was when I honed in on the knowledge that I am energy. A walking, talking, seeing, tasting, feeling, frequency and vibrational producing phenomenon wrapped up in this incredible human form. Understanding that my every thought and feeling was, in fact, energy, took ‘being’ to a new level. Discovering that my thoughts and feelings affected my co-creative superwoman abilities was a REAL game changer for me. I felt humble and powerful all at the same time, and it immediately washed away any misconception I had about trying to figure out life in my silly ego mind. 

So why the focus on emotional static now? Because I just experienced an incredible reminder of the powerful affects of emotional static. A few weeks ago, my dreams decided to wake me up to an issue that was STILL running around somewhere deep in my subconscious. There it was, it just popped right back in, and the thing is, I had thought that I had resolved it. In my head, I thought I had moved on and forgiven a particular person in my life who had really hurt me. Now for me, I consider dreams to be a beautiful gateway to our subconscious and even a gateway to whatever powerful source that we are all hooked into. You may think differently, and that is fine, but for me, source was talking and it was time for me to listen. So I did, even though I thought I had moved on. You see I had rationalized the hurt in my head so I was ok, right? I had moved on, right? I was desperately mistaken. The ego certainly plays tricks on us, and mine had me fooled. 

And that static manifests itself in physical ways in the body. For me, it was heavy feeling of malaise all over the body. Heavy limbs, disjointed sleep, low energy and lack of creativity. So I sought help getting unstuck and found myself participating in the freeing helaing art of reiki. (Full story on my FB page). After 2 sessions of this energy clearing technique, I felt free and completely unencumbered by the negative feelings that were previously stuck in my very being. My creativity returened, my sleep once again blissful and deep and my fuzzy static, you know, the one that keeps us from tuning in to all things possible, was removed. My superwoman powers returned back to me.

Sometimes we all need a little help getting ‘unstuck’. So whatever you need to do, to get unstuck, do it. Turn to somebody. Ask for help. It is the best thing you will ever do. We alone do not have all the answers and the truth lies in our collaborative bonds.

Thank you, Margaret, from the bottom of my heart for helping me get ‘unstuck’.

Look out for your signs and seek help. They say no man is an island. I say no woman is an island too.

My top 4 insights on all of this are:

1. Look to your dreams as signs as they are hidden language to our being. Keep a dream journal. Our dreams are the gateway to our everything.

2. If your energy changes, evaluate your mind. What story keeps churning over and over in your head? What feeling can’t you shake?

3. Consider yourself a energetic being on whatever healing journey your on. We are more than just tangible physical bodies. Negative energy from stress and trauma are held in our body and can get trapped and conventional healing protocols do not address that. 

4. Love yourself even when it feels hard. It’s supposed to feel hard sometimes and we are supposed to get stuck sometimes. How else can we keep unraveling the beauty that lies within.

Francesca Pardini