Why are you REALLY eating that?


Did you know that what you’re eating is in fact NOT a coincidence and that it is actually your body’s way of trying to talk to you?? And that everything that you eat is either bringing you to a state of balance or pushing you further away from it? Pretty awesome stuff, right!? Our bodies are talking to us so let’s start listening….

I mean ‘WHY ARE YOU REALLY EATING THAT?? Ever stopped to consider why you’re doing what you’re doing and how you’re feeling when you do it? It’s time to start connecting weight loss, our body types, and health with the bigger picture…

Ok, so check this out, this analogy might help:
Do you remember the last time you were lost in a mall? This might be a throw back for some of you; it is for me, but bear with me.  What did you do? You went over to that really convenient mall map to look for directions. But what did you do first? You looked for the ‘YOU ARE HERE’ arrow, right? We need to know where we are so we can understand where we want to go. Are you with me? Unless we know who we are and what we truly want, how on earth can we get to where we really want to go? We need to find that arrow on the map by becoming more self-aware and conscious of not only our food choices but also the feelings and state of mind behind them.

If we check in over and over again with HOW we are feeling when we eat, (sad, happy, angry, frustrated, lonely, you get the picture) then slowly but surely a bigger personal picture starts to unfold and an honest sometimes painful state of awareness presents itself. I mean if you’re asking yourself how you’re feeling when you eat something, and for the most part you answer, frustrated, then, maybe, just maybe it’s time to ask why and do something about it. If you can identify with what you’re feeling and why you’re doing it, isn’t that like knowing exactly where you are on your own life map? And wouldn’t the awareness and knowledge of your very own feelings be like a big map of direction with endless opportunity?

Truthfully, this is not an easy process. When it comes to maps, we are all bound to get lost at some point and then again, and then again and so it goes. This is the cycle of life, to be lost and then to be found and beautifully reborn. It is only by becoming truly lost that we are able to reset our compass and set a new direction. Once we are in touch with our feelings, no matter how uncomfortable some of them may be, we know where we stand on the map and we become more mindful of where we want to go.
So in an age of complete disconnect, if there was something that connected you with a deeper sense of self, direction, and purpose, would you do it? And what if that very thing freed up so much of the time and energy you expend on trying to figure out how to thrive, would you be open to it? Something tells me you would.

A new direction in your own life map could very well be the thing you need to reinvent your life, body, and mind.

Francesca Pardini