Own It. Handle it. Put it DOWN.
Wake Up To Who You Really Are: A Divine Being.

Hi! I’m Francesca.

After over 15 years as a weight loss and health coach the universe stepped in and said “STOP”. You need to do more and shift your focus from your physical to your spiritual side. And because the universe always knows best and has a fantastic sense go humour, certain events showed up for me that would completely change the way I look at health and life. 


I’ve had the privilege of working in the health/self-improvement/fitness industry for almost 20 years and I loved it. Well, sort of…I think it’s hard to love anything fully without loving yourself first. Don’t get me wrong, I had some good times along the way but I couldn’t shake this gnawing feeling of empitness that shadowed everything I did & I every thought I had. 

I sold the idea that having a great body would be that 'thing' that would bring all the happiness anyone ever needed, meanwhile I was struggling to make sense of that myself. I was living unauthentically at the time although I wouldn't connect with that idea until much later in life. 

So life did what it does. It presented me with life lessons that would blow everything that I believed out of the water so I could truly learn what happiness means.




My mother died right at after the breakup of the most difficult and painful relationship of my life, and then I got sick, really really sick. My body shut down and it was bad. This is when the ‘awakening’ started to happen. I let go of my relentless pursuit of physical perfection and for the first time in my life I started to view myself as an energetic being rather than just a physical one. I was leaving behind the literal ‘contractions’ at the gym to explore the ‘expansive’ thinking and feeling I so desperately needed to turn my health and life around. The kind of feeling and thinking that would open me up to my “god” spot, unveil my sense of divinity, create self-love, surrender the intense patterning of fearful thoughts, open me up to the concept of oneness and finally bring me the peace and happiness I had been looking for my whole life.





Aligning with the Divine Source within me and around me has been the most influential action I have taken in my healing journey. I just needed to ‘Wake Up’ first.

Feel it.

heal it.







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